Industrial and telecommunication chargers

Industrial and telecommunication chargers

Industrial and telecommunication chargers

This product stores electrical energy in the form of chemical energy in rechargeable batteries. The right charger is determined according to the type of battery, charging process, charging voltages and currents, and charging termination conditions. These characteristics distinguish chargers from each other and choosing a suitable charger will bring the best efficiency and battery life.
In order to properly use, maintain and always be ready to use the expensive battery system, the selected charger must have the following capabilities:

* Fast, correct and complete battery charging

*Keeping the battery cells active after full charging

* Performing all operations automatically without the need for care

* With signs and indicators to know the status of the battery and charging system

Chargers are designed and manufactured in two types, single-phase and three-phase, for different types of batteries, according to their voltage and capacity. The design of these chargers is based on the method of thyristor control and high frequency switching.

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